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Good Nutrition and Diet in Aging Adults


It is no doubt that good nutrition is a must at any age. For aging adults, regardless of health status, caregivers must follow the dietary guidelines of an assisted living facility in Burnsville, Minnesota. A popular service these types of residential facilities offer is meal planning and serving homecooked meals. The meals served in a facility can be either scheduled on a particular day of the week or done at random.

Whether it’s the former or the latter, senior care in Minnesota puts the nutritional needs of its clients first. Extra care and effort are poured into making the meals, starting from planning and grocery shopping to cooking.

Senior living facilities can also accommodate the requests of elderly clients, especially if they are taking a specific diet due to a health condition. Elderly patients with gout are recommended to consume foods and beverages that lower uric acid levels, like fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C. Likewise, they are warned to stay away from ones that do the opposite, such as organ meats, red meat, high purine seafood, coffee, alcohol, and sugar-sweetened foods and beverages.

The good news is that older adults with these specialized needs can avail of waivered care services. Other types of diet suited for different health conditions include:

  • Low sodium diet for kidney disease, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease

  • Low iodine diet for hyperthyroidism, Graves disease, and thyroid cancer

  • Low-fat or fat-free diet for diabetes and high blood pressure

  • Low fiber for Crohn’s disease

  • Gluten-free diet for Celiac disease and wheat allergy

At Cardenas Friendship Home, healthy meals, snacks, and beverages are guaranteed. We ensure your elderly loved ones get the proper nutrition for their needs. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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