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Tips for Eating Deliciously Despite Having Diabetes

tips-for-eating-deliciously-despite-having-diabetesWhen you are diagnosed with diabetes, several foods are prohibited to prevent the disease, its symptoms, and its effects from getting worse than they are today. Oftentimes, we think that it’s the end of the world. Not to exaggerate, but to be restricted from eating delicious foods is indeed grave. But for service providers of senior care in Minnesota, this is a fun challenge to go through with their senior clients.

Caregivers aren’t afraid to handle your senior loved ones with diabetes because they can cook them meals that are still delicious but would still be healthy and good for them. Why? Because they follow a plate planning called diabetes plate method. The diabetes plate method helps caregivers cook meals that only need a little measuring and weighing. How? Because of the ingredients they choose and the portions they put in. In diabetes plate method, the ideal ingredients or foods and portions are the following:

  • 50% or half of a plate full of nonstarchy vegetables like cauliflower and eggplant
  • 25% or a quarter of a plate full of protein like chicken (lean protein) and tofu (plant-based protein)
  • 25% or a quarter of a plate full of complex carbohydrates like brown rice and sweet potato

Here in our assisted living facility in Burnsville, Minnesota, our care is customized to your needs and wants. So, you won’t have to worry if your elderly loved one has diabetes, because we will ensure that their diabetes will be maintained. All for a great life at 60. Because here at Cardenas Friendship Homes, we treat you as the unique individual that you are.

Do you want your elderly loved ones to enjoy delicious meals and more with our services, including waivered care services? Avail now of our services today.

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