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We are your family in your second home.
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Cardenas Friendship Homes is an Assisted Living Facility in Burnsville, Minnesota, with high regard for the aging population. We desire to see the people who used to care for us, our senior loved ones, receive the high quality of care they deserve.

Our team is serving the Dakota and Hennepin counties. With four thriving locations, our clients can match themselves to what can fit well their personality and preferences. While our homes in Dakota county are primarily focused on those over the age of 55, our home in Hennepin County focuses on women who have physical disabilities, primarily MS. At your convenience, you can discuss your concerns with us. We have a team that provides an assessment of your health condition.

We also work with your primary physician to help you get comprehensive health care. We can also arrange your access to other health-related services.

We accept Private pay, Elderly Waiver, as well as CADI and TBI waiver services.

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide senior adults with the environment and lifestyle they desire for their advanced years. Through our facilities and services, we aim to give them the comfort and warmth of their own home and the love and affection from people who care for them like family.

Why Choose Us

Our care practice has been maintained and evaluated by the latest initiatives and health care development. Knowledge and faithful application of what we know is our reference in the delivery of services. We are constantly involved in finding ways to make our homes responsive to the contemporary challenges in health care.

Life is a two-way process. When you love it, it will also love you back. Our quality services have been paid back by the trusting gaze of many families and the smiles on our residents’ faces. These are our greatest achievements. We are grateful for every chance of giving care to your loved ones.

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