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Why Medication Assistance is Essential in Senior Care


Medication administration for the elderly entails giving older citizens their prescribed prescriptions in a precise and safe manner. It is a critical aspect of elderly care as many seniors require medication assistance with their ongoing treatment. Here are several compelling reasons why it is an essential component of elderly care.

  • Patient safety

    The primary reason to consider medication administration is the safety and accuracy it ensures. Numerous drugs are frequently administered to seniors for a variety of health issues resulting in complicated prescription regimes. These medications must be administered correctly to maintain or improve the health of the residents. Trained caregivers at our assisted living facility in Burnsville, Minnesota comply with stringent standards to make sure residents get the proper drugs in the right amounts at the right times.

  • Adherence and health outcomes

    Medication administration helps to ensure that seniors adhere to their prescribed treatment plans to improve their overall health outcomes. Many older adults suffer from chronic diseases that need ongoing pharmaceutical treatment.

  • Expertise and monitoring

    As a trusted provider of senior care in Minnesota, we are vigilant about monitoring the medication side effects, drug interactions, and changes in the health of our residents. We coordinate with our residents’ physicians to ensure medication adherence.

At Cardenas Friendship Homes, medication administration is an important element of our elderly care. It encourages adherence to treatment programs that assure the safety and accuracy of prescription medications. All of our waivered care services are aimed at ensuring the safety and health of our dear residents.

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