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The Interrelationship Between Music and Memory Care

The Interrelationship Between Music and Memory CareElderlies, especially those who retired from working, should be kept active physically, mentally, and socially. One way to foster an elderly’s mental and brain health is by seeking memory care.

Their activities of daily living should involve activities with music. The reason to encompass music lies in its positive effects on our minds and bodies, even the elderly. Several researchers found significant results proving that music improves cognitive functioning, moves the body, and creates a connection with others. In simpler terms, music increases the quality of life for elderly individuals.

Elderlies engaged in activities relating to music (like listening and dancing) provide their brain a vigorous workout. This workout improves neuroplasticity. And an improved and active neuroplasticity does not only improve cognitive functioning but also helps the body heal. Meaning music keeps the brain and body young and dynamic because of neuroplasticity. So, it is ideal that a senior care in Minnesota offers memory care services.

Our assisted living facility in Burnsville, Minnesota, called Cardenas Friendship Homes, recognizes the importance of memory in the overall health of our residents. With the fun and musically filled activities we organize, our residents are set to have their body and brain exercise.

Call us now about our waivered care services to know more about our brand of memory care.

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