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Sanitation Practices in Assisted Living Facilities


When choosing a senior home for an aging loved one, it’s normal to consider the sanitation of an assisted living facility in Burnsville, Minnesota. Whether you’re a family member or just a concerned friend of an older adult, there is no doubt that their safety should come first. Here is what you need to know about sanitation standards in assisted living facilities.

Although the state provides mandates and federal guidelines against these three safety concerns, institutions for senior care in Minnesota are not heavily regulated regarding sanitation and food safety practices. It is mostly up to the facility on how strict their implementation would be.

In carrying out elderly care services, the following sanitation practices are a must:

  • Proper hygiene for both staff and clients

  • Strict facility cleaning policies and regular cleaning schedule

  • Education and vaccination against communicable diseases

  • Double-checking of substances used in cleaning, food, and medicines to avoid accidental poisoning

  • Extra effort in food preparation: grocery shopping, preparing the food, cooking, and serving

The family members of seniors who availed waivered care services should thoroughly scrutinize the sanitation practices. Doing so avoids the risk of developing complex health conditions and acquiring long-term care either in a facility or at home that may no longer be covered in a waiver.

There is no doubt that Cardenas Friendship Home provides quality senior care services to help the elderly reach their optimum well-being. Contact us if you have any questions about our facilities and services.

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