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Recreational Activities Seniors Would Enjoy


Being physically, mentally, and socially active are essential aspects of healthy aging. Engaging in recreation as part of a senior’s activities of daily living is recommended. When seniors do recreational activities with others, the interactions and conversations help improve their cognitive function. For instance, competitive board and card games encourage them to think and strategize, further supporting their mental health.

As a trusted assisted living facility in Burnsville, Minnesota, we include recreational activities in our senior care activities. We know the importance of being active for seniors. Here are some examples of fun and engaging activities for seniors:

  • Exercise
    Group exercise classes for Tai Chi, yoga, aerobics, or walking will help improve a senior’s overall health. Meeting and engaging with others will also motivate them to exercise.
  • Art Therapy
    Senior living can be made more fun and creative with art activities. Art therapy helps seniors improve their cognitive health and fine motor skills.
  • Music Therapy
    Our senior care in Minnesota values our residents’ preferences. We believe listening to their favorite music or playing instruments will improve our senior residents’ cognitive and physical health.

Cardenas Friendship Homes offers senior care services to help care for your senior loved ones and improve their health. We offer waivered care services for a more affordable alternative.

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