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Properly Assisting Your Elderly in Bathing


Providing elderly care may be both gratifying and challenging at the same time. Assistance with bathing, grooming, and dressing can be a common problem for family members.

You can help your loved one’s skin stay healthy and keep them feeling clean and refreshed throughout the day by bathing them often. However, this type of personal care can sometimes be taxing and embarrassing for the patient and the caregiver.

When it comes to bathing and toileting, many family caregivers must lift and transport their loved ones. Carers have the risk of suffering from back and neck ailments as a result of this.

One tip you can do as a carer for your family member when bathing them is to ensure the right temperature for the water they will use. Also, check if the bed is high enough to prevent back pain. You can bathe your loved ones by reaching over and placing your knee on the bed.

Cardenas Friendship Homes, an assisted living facility in Burnsville, Minnesota, understands the need to provide care tailored to each resident’s unique needs and preferences.

We offer waivered care services, like personal care, meal preparation, medication administration, memory care, and many more!

If you’re interested in receiving our senior care in Minnesota, we’re delighted to assist you anytime! Contact us at 612-616-7105 today for more information!

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