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How to Eat Healthily as You Age

how-to-eat-healthily-as-you-ageProper nutrition is one of the key foundations of healthy aging. When we eat healthy, fresh, and organic food, our body becomes nourished and less vulnerable to common sickness. While medication administration is essential for seniors to manage existing health problems like hypertension, proper nutrition should not be disregarded. Our medication should always be partnered with healthy food.

Our assisted living facility in Burnsville, Minnesota, emphasizes the need for home-cooked meals and nutritious snacks. We ensure that the food we serve our residents is healthy and delicious. Another important thing we always consider is the ingredients or food that seniors are advised to limit or avoid consumption.

When providing senior care in Minnesota, we serve home-cooked meals with fresh ingredients and less sodium. Here are some of our tips and alternatives to make sure our senior residents eat well:

  • Protein
    Soy products, beans, peas, and some seafood are sources of protein and healthy alternatives to be added to your senior loved one’s meals.
  • Vitamins
    The different kinds of food we eat are our primary sources of vitamins. Caregivers should encourage seniors to maintain “a colorful diet” with different fruits and vegetables.
  • Limit Sodium
    Experts recommend adults aged 51 and older to only consume 2,300 mg of sodium daily. You can reduce their sodium intake by seasoning food with herbs and lemon juice instead of salt.

Cardenas Friendship Homes takes care of your senior loved one’s overall health by providing nutritious meals and other waivered care services. Feel free to contact or visit us to know more about our services.

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