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Drink Your Way to Better Health With Medication


Medicines are studied and tested in laboratories and produced for the mass to make us feel better when we feel sick. The older we get, the more we need medicine as vitamins, prevention, and prolonging life. Medicines work in different ways—some drugs kill cells to prevent them from multiplying, while some correct the imbalance of our immune system.

Seniors in the assisted living facility in Burnsville, Minnesota, are experiencing chronic illnesses; thus, we make sure to stick to a strict routine for them.

Part of our elderly care dedication is to regulate and maintain the wellness of our residents through medication. We partner with our resident physicians to have proper guidance toward upholding the lives of the seniors in our facility.

We incorporate education with our waivered care services since most seniors usually don’t follow medications as prescribed, which only puts them at greater risk.

Cardenas Friendship Homes have safety precautions in place for medication administration as follows:

  • Not mixing client prescriptions with anyone else
  • Obeying doctor and pharmacists instruction
  • Taking medicines at the same time religiously
  • Keeping medicines in their original containers under senior care in Minnesota
  • Disposing of expired medicines

Medicines are effective when taken the right way. Save yourself from complications and your life. Choose the right assisted living facility to look after you. You can count on us, so don’t hesitate to Call us anytime.

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