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9,800 Steps Away from Dementia

9800-steps-away-from-dementiaSome illnesses are okay; we don’t fear their effects on us. Just something pesky that disrupts our daily life. But some diseases are scary. It’s dangerous to the people around us and to us. One of these medical conditions senior care in Minnesota fears their elderly clients may get or develop is dementia.

The reason many home health care service providers that offer waivered care services fear the onset of dementia is because of its path. There’s no turning back. No coming back. Just a downhill journey to death. But it’s not a lost cause, nor should you lose hope because there are many ways to prevent dementia or slow the onset of the symptoms and its worsening. One of the best ways is to go through regular exercises. And of the activities elderly individuals can do, walking is an effective, easy way. 

But. There’s a bit to that. An elderly individual or anyone who chooses walking as their primary activity for exercise must walk 9,800 steps daily. According to a study published in JAMA Neurology, a journal published by American Medical Association focusing on neurology, individuals who walk at least 4,000 steps reduce 25% of dementia risks. While walking for 9,800 steps can reduce dementia risks by at least 50%—a definite win for senior living.

Here at Cardenas Friendship Homes, we encourage and assist our elderly clients in getting the exercise they want. We understand that the best way to do something is when you are enjoying it. That’s how we treat them in the unique way that they are.

Get your elderly loved one walking with us under our services here in our assisted living facility in Burnsville, Minnesota. Start it today by availing of our care.

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