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Why Recreation Is Good for Older Adults

Why Recreation Is Good for Older Adults

Aging may have its unique challenges, but the quality of life of the elderly should never be compromised. With that, elderly care has evolved over the years not only to address various health problems but also to improve the way of living. At Cardenas Friendship Homes, recreational activities form a critical part of what we do. This way, our residents will enjoy their stay with us while creating meaningful relationships.

In our assisted living facility in Burnsville, Minnesota, older adults can expect several recreations that will help improve their:

  • Physical Health
    A lot of recreational programs are geared towards encouraging simple exercises like walking, dancing, yoga, and more. This can greatly boost seniors’ mood and improve mobility, flexibility, and range of motion.
  • Cognitive Function
    Brain-boosting exercises are also prepared in our lovely home for the elderly who like arts and crafts, indoor games, music, and others. These activities can promote problem-solving, memory, and organizational skills.
  • Social Engagement
    Surely, recreation and community integration reduce the risks of social isolation, depression, and anxiety. Social stimulation is beneficial for older adults to maintain optimal mental well-being.
    Our assisted living and waivered care services are tailored to the needs of our senior residents at affordable rates. We have a team of highly trained carers on the ready should our residents need them.

Our ultimate goal is to make a difference among the elderly population by providing quality senior care in Minnesota.

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