Our Amenities

elder couple enjoying foodAt our homes, you have the right to make informed choices. Your views will always be considered in constructing your individual care plan. To us, you are more than just an elder person, you are someone who has a treasured past we must also keep with delicate care.

With us, you’ll enjoy the following amenities:

  • Cable access
  • Entertainment area
  • Wheelchair-accessible bathrooms
  • Private patio and garden
  • Smoke-free home
  • Security
  • Walker-friendly floor plan

Through these amenities, we are making the best use of your resources and maximizing the value of your money. We only take appropriate risks which can benefit our residents. If you want to schedule a tour, please send us a message.

caregiver and seniors

services we Offer

We do it all in a family-centered environment where loved ones are encouraged to be involved.

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